Hidrodecapagem do prato da antena.
Decapagem com a ITP4 "Internal Tank Platform"
Hidrodecagem com o robôt magnético
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New technologies were implemented and tested as also research partnerships were established.


Chronological list:


  • In 2008, a partnership was started for the use of ENVIROBOT, an innovative robotic equipment that allows to hydrostrip metal surfaces by removing paint and corrosion, with ultra high pressure water, without any additives and with a 100% collection of all residues produced during the operation.
  • In 2006 was tested for the first time in Portugal, the ITP4 - “Internal Tanks Platform” in one of the most important projects – the hulls of the “M/Vessel Castillo San Juan”. 
  • INETI – ‘PACONOR’ Project, 2003 – Partnership for the Corrosiveness Optimisation of Structures and Metallic Equipment. Emergent Environmental Corrodibility and Standardisation.  
  • In 2000, the hull surface preparation in seven ships, of which the “M/V Jamestown” and the “M/V Crystal Shimphony” are noteworthy, was ensured by the “M2000” magnetic Hydroblasting robot. “Ultrastrip” developed the technology in partnership with an American Company and it was tested internationally for the first time, in Lisnave Shipyard.  
  • The introduction of advanced technologies such as the hydrodemolition “Power Pack” robot in 1999, turned out to be an efficient process, being highly profitable, clean and silent, not causing any vibration-related damage which, in itself, is a value added for customer.  
  • The Marconi’s antenna in the Azores anticorrosion protection as been a challenge, both in logistic transport and technically terms, given that the satellite dish had to be strategically positioned.

This type of intervention was pioneering in Portugal in 1996.

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